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The Ol’ Bronze Hare is a frailin’ musical adventure of Americana, Celtic, and Québécois music. This solo project was started in 2019 by the multi-instrumentalist Andy Young. The inspiration for his music comes from his love of Folk music from around the world (Irish Traditional to Mongolian Khoomei), the music of the Renaissance, the Prog. Rock and Americana his parents first introduced him to, the soundtracks of Video Games and Films (Spaghetti Westerns in particular), the Jazz music that keeps him dancing, and the adventures he takes in nature. 

In 2020 they released their first album "The Holly King's Throne." The album is a collection of instrumental music based on the animals from the Appalachian Foothills of North Carolina. Each tune was inspired from an animal I observed while outside playing music. Featuring a variety of folk instruments this album blends several musical traditions from around the world. The music was composed and performed by Andy Young. The album can be found on Bandcamp.

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