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Submit art for our home page

Would you like to see your art as the background of the front page of GreensboroArtsHub? So would we!

We are not paying for the use of artwork for this purpose at this time, but we are happy to give you exposure, credit and a link. (And we’ll stop using your art when you ask us to.)

If you are interested, submit an image with the form below, but first, please read these short guidelines.


Technical requirements

  • The image you submit should be at least 1080 pixels wide and 900 pixels high.
  • Please do not send pictures that are exceptionally wide or tall. We need a height-to-width ratio that will work to cover the background of the page on all screens, including desktop computers.
  • In order to keep the text and navigation of the home page legible, we apply a filter to darken the background image. Therefore, we do not need ultra high resolution files. About 2 MB should do it.
  • Pictures with very high contrast (very dark and very light areas) may not work.


Permission & Terms

  • By submitting an image here, you give permission for it to be used on without compensation to you.
  • You understand that we are not obligated to use the work you submit.
  • By submitting an image here, you attest that you are the legal owner of the artwork or have the legal authority to give permission for its use on and you accept full liability for any claims by the work’s owner if you have misrepresented your ownership or legal authority.
  • You acknowledge and agree that we may alter your image to make it suitable as a background for our front page. This may include cropping, lowering the resolution, adding filters that may change its shade and other edits. If you don’t like what we do, you can ask us to stop using your work and we will comply within a reasonable period.
  • You agree to grant us permission to use your image for use as a background on in perpetuity or until you ask us to stop using it, which you may do at any time. You may ask us to stop using your image as a background by sending an email to or the current contact email. You agree to allow us a reasonable period to respond and comply.


Submit your image