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Unable to upload a painting that is 10 by 18 inches. Could you explain

All this is new to me and was trying to upload a 10 by 18 inches. Is it to big and exactly how it’s done. Friends wanted me to try this way to show some old barn wood paintings . Just not able to send picture. Said u get 1 free listing


First of all, good for you for trying to learn something new. I'm happy to help, so we'll be patient together.

Are you familiar with the process of clicking on an upload button on a web page in order to upload an image from your computer to the website? If not, let me know and I'll provide more guidance. If you understand that concept, continue...

Begin the process of adding a listing by clicking on the "Add a listing" button in the upper right corner. Click through the various screens (I think you will want to select the listing type "Artistic Creation.") Fill out the form. You can leave any of the fields marked "Optional" blank for now.

When you get to the bottom of the screen, click "Skip Preview and Submit." We'll see how it looks and polish it up with my help if necessary