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There is beauty in sadness. There is beauty in forgottenness.

Languishing throughout the southeast, there are hundreds of places all but forgotten, left to slowly cede to the hands of time. In this series we explore the immense beauty in these places. Falcon is visually impaired - as he is wont to say, he sees the world not with his eyes, but with his emotions, and the sepia tones of these images are true to the way he sees the world.

These are not photographs - they are Grauvre - an artistic genre unique to The House of NyghtFalcon. Each image is painstakingly and patiently crafted until it embodies the emotional experience when we found each of these places. They are rendered using a process we call Art-em. The final image is then captured on fine art papers, including a variety of Japanese handmade papers using archival techniques that ensure a life span of nearly 200 years. No two are ever alike. We invite you to talk with us about our work and about this genre.

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