My twin passions are color and the vanishing local landscape. In my world, colors pop and sizzle, and straight lines go a bit wobbly. Some of my favorite subjects are familiar local buildings, especially barns. These humble structures are disappearing, victims of disuse, development, and kudzu.

I offer trompe l’oeil, hand painted murals, woodgraining, marbleizing, free-form stencilling, chinoiserie painting and faux finishes to residential and commercial clients throughout the Eastern U. S. With an unerring eye for color, a light touch and just a bit of whimsey, I can create that unique feature which will let your home or office reflect your dreams. I also brings a problem-solving approach to your decorating needs. Whether it be reconciling building code requirements with aesthetics, dealing with a shortage of wallpaper or paneling, customizing furniture or opening rooms to the sky, I can help you turn problems into assets. Let her create a solution for you today!

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    Location : Mebane, North Carolina, United States

    Mebane, North Carolina, United States

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