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Krystal employs regional soils, inks, metals, pigments, and minerals intermingled with man-made materials  or structural  imagery to further explore the dichotomy of our delicate existence. The organic and inorganic materials and process also hints to the glass and metal in her body. Getting to know people and their stories is as much apart of her process as being in the studio. Krystal travels to slum communities, volunteers with cancer patients, and sits under the stories of war veterans, refugees, trauma victims, and any who will share their life with her. As actions of intercession she paints the joys and sufferings of lives onto various substrates.

Through abstraction, I navigate boundary and spaces within the human condition. I communicate through painting, collage, audio, and moving image. In painting and collage, I use natural and synthetic materials that are subjected to trauma. These works of art express emotive color fields that balance tumult with delicacy. Rhythms of drawn and painted debris undulate in and out of varying expanses.

Within the context of narrative, through research, dialogue, and serendipitous interactions I explore human inter-connectivity. I work to cultivate more generative interconnected communities through intimate and intentional engagements.

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