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Édo (Éduoard) Zadora is the artistic nom de plume for the artist Edwin Andrews. I have more than 30 years of art experience variously as a gallery owner, dealer, and broker. As a certified Senior Professional Appraiser (Fine Arts) I have evaluated millions of dollars of art works, and over the years have sold art to individual collectors, corporations, foundations and museums globally. My  oeuvre is impressionist, Neo-expressionist and contemporary art, working primarily in acrylics.

As someone who has traveled the world many times over, my inspiration is to capture the colors, shapes and energy of cities, countries and cultures. This takes the form of impressionist/expressionist paintings or abstractions which blend and mute colors representing the subject. My goal is to provide the viewer with an ease of understanding of the subject and to use the painting as a means of evoking fond memories. Most recently I have been working on a series of expressionist florals employing bright contrasting colors and focal points.

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