Dawn is a graphic artist, a board member of the Graphic Artists Guild, and head honcho of G4G Interactive, a design firm located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her passions lie in helping small- to medium-sized businesses grow and in mentoring design students.

I moved to North Carolina in 2005, giving G4G my full-time focus. At G4G, I remind myself of "The Wolf" in the movie Pulp Fiction: I'm a problem-solver who gets people out of bad situations. No matter what your design challenge, I can figure out a solution.

We know what works in graphic design for print and web…but we also know it takes a village to make marketing, advertising, and sales materials get results. The concept and design are just part of a successful marketing initiative. While we do all design work in-house, we turn to other experts to do what they do best — strategic marketing and PR, copy writing, illustration, programming, and photography. Together, we make even the largest marketing project seem easy.

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