I am a fine art painter living in North Carolina. I started my art career as an art instructor in the public school system. I am an art entrepreneur, exhibit in galleries across the state and participate in seasonal art shows/festivals. My passion for art and the environment has inspired me to do pro-bono work with multiple local organizations including environmental and mental health associations. I am constantly inspired by nature and my work reflects the beauty of my surroundings. My work also embraces the concept of women in nature and discusses freedom through the natural. In addition, my paintings depict images from my travels in detailed and colorful acrylic and watercolor strokes. I enjoy exploring nature and combining rich color with variety in line and shape to depict the immense diversity in the natural world. Nature’s beauty is my daily inspiration. I am in awe of the Earth’s resilience and power.

Read more about me in the Winston Salem Journal Magazine.

Artist Statement

Nature welcomes me with her strong embrace every time I dive deep into her world. I admire the Earth for its beauty and I fear her passion. Each of my paintings represents a vision of nature, a sight forever frozen in time by the touch of paint. The colors and textures of each of the Earth’s elements dance on my canvas to create a visual celebration for her. I aim to capture my own experience as an explorer when I paint landscapes of places I have visited and when I paint female figures engaged in the natural world. During my travels, I capture images with my camera and bring them back to my studio where some are chosen to inspire paintings. Every brushstroke is guided by the memory of the Earth. Done with acrylic and watercolor paints, my body of work is diverse, inspired, and personal. I hope to share the natural world that I so love and aspire to be a part of.

Visual Art Forms
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