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KRE8ivU is a not-for-profit company designated 501c3 teaching K-12 students to create music and video projects. Inspiring them to become creative collaborators and problem solvers while encouraging them to rely on imagination as well as intellect.

Project-based Learning

At KRE8ivU, we know how hands-on learning engages students from the start. Our curriculum is project-based and centered on the student’s interests. Whether it’s filmmaking or creating music, we’ll guide them through personalized experiences that encourage them to think outside the box. The curriculum is designed to allow your child to learn through experience, without ever realizing that they are, in fact, learning. Our program helps students become creative collaborators and problem solvers… to rely on their imagination as well as intellect.

KRE8ivU has created an after-school program for students to learn technology in a fun and engaging way, outside of the confines of today’s formal educational settings. Our program provides each student an experience in the world of professional media production and encourages and exposes them to the right use of technology at an early age.​

Our Instructors

KRE8ivU instructors are experts in the content and the tools that we teach. They are experienced professionals with a passion for showing our students ways to leverage imagination and maximize creative potential. Many of our instructors are actually in the business they are instructing.

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Location : Lexington, North Carolina, United States

Lexington, North Carolina, United States

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