Public Record: Greensboro’s Creatives is a video interview series that seeks to illuminate the lives of artists, makers, and creative people in Greensboro. Formed by Creative Greensboro, this project was developed in collaboration with the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts' Creative Catalyst Initiative.

Kevin Greene is the founder of Alpha Shots Photography. He is an internationally recognized freelance photographer based in Greensboro, but he travels to other locations such as Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Raleigh, and anywhere else he can capture a great moment. Greene specializes in portrait and wedding photography, but has also found creative fulfillment in creating documentary projects. He has an eye for creating photos that tell stories and evoke emotion.

In the interview, Greene discusses balancing his work in music with photography, how he started documenting the Black Lives Matter movement, and why he strives to inspire people with his work. This portrait of Greene was made inside the International Civil Rights Museum, a site of great inspiration to him and his documentary work.

Learn more about Greene’s work and book a photoshoot at the Alpha Shots Photography website. Follow him on Instagram at @alphashotsphotography.

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