Public Record: Greensboro’s Creatives is a video interview series that seeks to illuminate the lives of artists, makers, and creative people in Greensboro. Formed by Creative Greensboro, this project was developed in collaboration with the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts' Creative Catalyst Initiative.

Artist Kathy Eaton wants to connect with other people soul to soul by capturing images of concepts, emotions, and natural landforms. She also likes to experiment, seeing where the materials will take her. Ideas for works come from spiritual exploration, nature, science, physics, mathematics, and the experience of other artists’ works.

To various extents she has engaged in art forms including loom bead weaving, fiber and yarn weaving, poetry, music, polymer clay, wirework, traditional crochet, freeform crochet, watercolor, and acrylic painting. Fluid dynamics always captivated Eaton’s imagination and discovering acrylic pour painting has freed her up to explore art in a new and exciting way.

Often experimenting leads to more experimenting. Sometimes there is temporary frustration. Occasionally she is delightfully surprised.

In the interview, Eaton talks about the formation of her interest in art, the overlap of math and art, and how she balances making art with caring for her granddaughter.

This portrait was made in the Bog Garden at Benjamin Park. Learn more about Eaton’s work by contacting her directing at

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