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GreensboroArtsHub is going nonprofit and you can help make it a success. We are seeking to seat a board of directors of 12 to 20 people who will help with goal setting, governing and fund raising. Whether you are experienced with nonprofits or just think you might be of help, reach out and let's talk about your involvement.

Vision Summary (pdf)
GreensboroArtsHub 2023 Year End Report (pdf)

Why a Nonprofit?

1. Diversity
A governing board will allow for greater diversity of demographics, backgrounds and perspectives in setting the goals and direction of GreensboroArtsHub.

2. Broader Funding Landscape
As a nonprofit, GreensboroArtsHub will leverage a mix of government, corporate, foundation and individual funding alongside sustainable earned income streams to provide more stable recurring revenue.

3. Long Term Viability
Over time, bring on board additional people capable of operating GreensboroArtHub through paid hires, volunteer training and mentorship programs.

4. Expanded Scope of Activities — Online and real world
Create a bigger, better GreensboroArtsHub 2.0

GreensboroArtsHub 2.0

Site Improvements
Enhancements can be made to to further advance its function as a platform supporting local arts and culture.

Real World Activities
Extend artist support mission to real world activities.

Create an ongoing funding source by creating memberships that benefit local artists.

For more details on GreensboroArtsHub 2.0 read the Vision Summary (pdf).

There is a place for you

Get involved in a way of your choosing. We are seeking to assemble a group of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to fill leadership and support roles.


Artists & Art Lovers Arts Organizations
Business and Education Professionals Social Mavens

Choose Your Role

Serve on the board or committees Volunteering Professional services
Organizing/Hosting fund raising Financial contribution

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