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Casa Azul of Greensboro brings to our community its 2023 Art Series that will include events highlighting Afro-Latinx art and culture. Also, drawing attention to the African influence on Latin America, Latino art and culture.

For this year’s series Casa Azul of Greensboro is once again partnering with the African American Atelier to bring its series: LATITUDES in Afro-Latinx Art

The Afro-Latinx diaspora spans latitudes. Latitude refers both to a place and a celestial object in relation to the equatorial mark we humans invented. It is an imaginary line around the globe. It occupies both north and south imaginations.

In this series, we are highlighting artworks and practices that engage with the Afro-Latinx expressions in their diversities, expansions, and imaginations.

  • 200 North Davie Street, Greensboro, North Carolina 27401, United States

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