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This exhibit is a project of the Library's Read to Right Wrongs Initiative and is a part of our Black History Month 2021 celebration. Photography by three local photographers, Owens Daniels, Bobby Roebuck and Ashley Johnson will be in the hallway gallery at Central Library from Feb. 1 - March 31, 2021.

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The Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity

The black family and its representation, identity, and diversity have been reverenced, stereotyped, and vilified from the days of slavery to our own time. The black family knows no single location, since family reunions and genetic-ancestry searches testify to the spread of family members across states, nations and continents. While the role of the black family has been described by some as a microcosm of the entire race, its complexity as the "foundation" of African American life and history can be seen in numerous debates over how to represent its meaning and typicality from a historical perspective -- being slave or free, patriarchal or matriarchal, as fictive kin or blood relative, etc. Variation appears in discussions on the nature and impact of parenting, childhood, marriage, gender norms, sexuality, and incarceration. The family offers a rich tapestry of images for exploring the African American past and present. [Credit: Association for the Study of African American Life and History]

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