EMF’s Young Artists Orchestras take the stage showcasing artistic excellence and adventurous repertoire. Led by resident conductors Grant Cooper and José-Luis Novo.

KODÁLY • Suite from Háry János
Prelude: The Fairy Tale Begins
The Viennese Musical Clock Song
The Battle and Defeat of Napolean
Entrance of the Emperor and his Court

Grant Cooper, conductor


REVUELTAS • La Noche de los Mayas (The Night of the Maya)
Noche de los Mayas (Night of the Maya)
Noche de jarnas (Night of Revelry)
Noche de Yucatán (Yucatan Night)
Noche de encantamiento: Tema y variaciones (Night of the Enchantment)

José-Luis Novo, conductor

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  • 710 Levi Coffin Dr, Greensboro, North Carolina 27410, United States

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