Tickets are $12 in advance; $15 at the door.
Ticket Commission: A $3.20 processing fee and tax per ticket
Box Office opens at 7:30pm for this event only.
This event is a standing room only show.

About Day & Dream

Self described star gazers and forest dwellers, Day & Dream creates music that sounds like your favorite warm fuzzy blanket. Long time artists, musicians and singer/songwriters, Peter Frizzante and Abby Amaya, initially met in New York City, but didn't start their indie-rock dreampop shoegaze band together until they moved to Asheville, North Carolina. Abby’s roots are in California 60s coastal pop, while Peter’s is post-punk, indie-rock. Working together, the now husband and wife team showcase their admiration for sun-soaked sonic landscapes, lo-fi lounge, neo-psychedelia, fuzzy guitars, jazz tones, and melodic pop structures. Reverb soaked and layered with soft whispery vocals, the result is an energetic and memorable reverie. Peter, the morning person, and Abby, the night owl -- their band name is a nod to their opposite sleep schedules. The pair is often writing music or lyrics at home in between work and daily chores, finding inspiration in the human condition and the pain and joy of life.

About Gentle Junior

Gentle Junior is a four-piece indie alt-rock band from Greensboro, NC. They explore introspective themes with arrangements ranging from light and playful to dark and brooding.

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