Creative Greensboro Selects Neighborhood Arts Residency Program Artists

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Creative Greensboro has selected the first artists for its Neighborhood Arts Residency Program who will work with residents in three east Greensboro neighborhoods from June 1 to November 30. Each resident artist will receive up to $22,500 to support monthly neighborhood-based arts programming and a culminating neighborhood mural installation.

Darlene McClinton

Creative leader and educator Darlene McClinton will work with the Dudley Heights neighborhood. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to impact the Dudley Heights community and use public art and arts integration programming as a vehicle to educate and bridge cultural gaps,” McClinton said.

Sunny Gravely Foushee

TAB Arts Center Nonprofit, led by Executive Director Sunny Gravely Foushee, will work with the Kings Forest neighborhood. “The Kings Forest community has been a hidden treasure for too long. My team and I are excited about being a part of beautifying the community and connecting with the people who reside in this wonderful neighborhood,” Gravely Foushee said.

Harry Turfle

Artist Harry Turfle will work with the Glenwood Neighborhood. “I’m excited to work with my neighbors to unleash Glenwood’s creative spirit together,” Turfle said. “Our neighborhood is home to so many artists, hard-working families, and passionate activists. Everyone has something to contribute to this project.”

Leaders from each neighborhood participated in the residency decision process. Each artist has shown a connection to the neighborhood. The artists will also offer a variety of arts-based community engagement programming throughout the six-month residency.

“The Neighborhood Arts: Residency Program gives local artists an opportunity to organize, design, and lead community programming and a mural installation that is informed by the people and place where the residency occurs,” said Greensboro’s Chief Creative Economy Officer Ryan Deal. “This program is a celebration of the economic and community development impact that artists have when given the space and support to do their work. We believe this will be an exciting period of time for each of these three artists and neighborhoods and look forward to keeping the community updated about their progress.”

The Neighborhood Arts: Residency Program is made possible by the City of Greensboro, US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. Additional support is provided by Parks and Recreation, Libraries and Museums, and Transportation departments. For more information on the Neighborhood Arts program visit or contact Josh Sherrick at 336-373-7817.


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